Under-Voltaging a Mac Using CoolBook

I love my Mac a lot. And when you love things you tend to use them a lot more. For example on my Mac I do everything on it. I build and design websites on it, I play high-end games, graphic design, surf net, check email, itunes, ical, and etc. A lot of these apps are open simultaneously and I switch between the apps constantly. Sometimes I might have almost 4 gb of memory used and full cpu usage. In this case the cpu temperature revs up to about 80 degrees celsius. Not only does this sometimes cause me kernel panics/unresponsive processor, its a fire hazard, and reduces my life on my mac. When talking about heat the 3 most causes of heating on a cpu is Voltage, heat dissipation off the processor, and clogged heat sinks. Obviously if you put a smaller load on the processor it will cool it down a little bit, but this will only work to a certain degree. Thats why this Coolbook app comes in handy.

Coolbook allows you to change voltages going to your cpu on a mac for certain frequencies. You can also set a max temperature limit. After fine tweaking my mac, I was able to make my mac perform better. It runs quieter, smoother, cooler, and saves battery power. It basically runs my cpu almost half the temperature.

Under-voltaging will not damage the cpu. But if you under-voltage your cpu to low it can become unstable, thats why you do tests on the cpu to find the stability.

CoolBook Homepage

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