Updates and Future MJB Blog App

Updates to MJB Blog

I have renamed MJBrancato to MJB Blog. I am back into writing blogs because it is fun to do on the side. Being said that, I have been updating previous blog posts with better quality and uniformity. I have fixed the Facebook publisher so articles can publish to my Facebook page and Facebook timeline. I have made a few other changes to the site such as design changes and other improvements. I also updated the MJB Blog icon to make it more standard.

MJB Blog for iOS App

I have been working on a MJB Blogging app for iOS devices. This is not just a website inside of a Web View, but it is uses the native iOS objects to bring a better User Experience to users and allows them to do more things like take pictures and upload them –picture ability will be with future implementations.

So far I have gotten the app to download all the posts and display them in a table. You can select a post and read the full view. It will automatically scale it for the device in an easy to read way. You can display the ability to load images and change font sizes. It supports pull to refresh and I plan on paginating about 25 posts at a time. You would slide up to load more posts. I plan on having it so people can read and write comments on each post.

Is there anything else anyone would be interested in? I plan on in the future allowing people to create their own debates posts within the debates app. Let me know if anyone has any requests so I can include some of them on first launch.

I wouldn’t consider this app a struggle. It just takes a lot of time to plan and make.

Michael J Brancato
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