iOS 5 for iDevices?

It seems like Apple keeps pushing some amazing updates for our iDevices. Now I remember when awhile back and having to use FW 2.2. This was really horrible because it did not have support for really anything. Features like setting wallpapers were not even aloud to be set without a Jailbreak. Also, without the use of the jailbreak we could not have most games and any soundboards or any thing as such. I think Jail-breaking was great because Apple could see some of the stuff being made and done. For example backgrounding and categories (folders) were introduced to the 2.2 OS using a Jailbreak. Once the FW 3.0 came out I was so excited to update but I had to wait for another Jail-break to come out so I can keep all the cool features I had on my iPhone. FW 3.0 introduced so many features it was a must upgrade kind of thing. After the launch of iOS 4.0 all of these features I was talking about were included in the platform. Other features also included the ability to tether and a lot of other things. Air-print is now out where you can wireless print to wireless printers. Also, you have game-center where it is like a PSN. This is all pretty cool.

Now let’s discuss some of the new and amazing iOS 5. Even though the media does not discuss much about the iOS 5 since it has not been announced yet but they talk about a couple things. iOS 5 is going to be redesigned and redefined. Things like notifications are going to be done a lot better. iOS 5 is something to look forward to seeing as it is going to be a really great iOS. It is redone as far as the GUI and just by looking at the picture it seems pretty interesting. iOS 5 is expected to be launched with the iPhone 5 coming out this summer.

After they announce the iPad 2 and iOS 5 March 2nd I will post another blog entry on what I read about it and what I think about the new products that are coming out.


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