May 12, 1936: Dvorak Keyboard

When i was school for typing class in 9th grade for touch type for the qwerty keyboard… i was told, and this was true, that back in the day they used to use dvorak keyboards… dvorak keyboard layout was simple, easy to use, it made it so all the common letters were placed into a certain arrangement on the keyboard, so typers could touch type very quickly… dvorak keyboards back in the day were stopped beeing used because on the typewriters, ppl could easily type so fast that the hammers would strike the paper and before the hammer came up you would have pressed like 5 other keys down whereas the hammers would jam as they striked the paper… to fix this problem they created a keyboard that was harder to type with to make it slower so when fast typers typed, the typewriter wouldnt jammed up… now i have been typing since 9th grade, thats like 6-7 some years, my typing is capable of spiking up to 50-60 wpm (words per minute) with as low as 2 epm (errors per minute) thats almost flawlessly, actually sometimes it is.. not to mention i correct myself with a backspace within a quick second… now if i was “born” (meaning started with) the dvorak keyboard, typing thousands of pages a day, cuz i code and im, and google and etc alot of stuff, how fast would you think i would be able to type? prolly super fast… well anyways… here is the article on whatsup with the dvorak keyboard as of today… they are considered cheaters at typing, haha….

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