iPad 2 Coming Soon

Standing less than three months away from the iPad 2 I have to say I want one right now. The iPad 2 is going to have video chat and Facetime. I have always wanted an iPad but ever since I heard that the iPad 2 is comming out I have been waiting. This is so painful to wait. It is also rumored that the iPad 2 is even going to have a usb port and possible SD Card. There is so many things that I can do with an iPad is what makes it so handy or beneficial.

I was reading somewhere on the Internet about how the iPad 2 can become another massive selling tablet device. Most people might put there original iPad up for sale and buy the iPad 2. This would not only make Apple number one for selling there first tablet but it would make them number one for there second. This would increase sales so much. The Apple IOS is so successful especially with the App Store which makes everything so much easier. Not to mention there is a Mac App Store comming to the Mac OS X. There is so much Apple is creating that it is hard to keep up-to-date. All-in-all I cannot wait until Apple launches there second iPad because I will be in line to purchase it. This product should be for sale in February since Apple is currently testing the iPad 2 out.

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    1. February was when it was supposed to be announced. Steve Jobs is on medical leave so they are projecting it to be March. More than likely Steve Jobs won’t make it to the WWDC. He has to focus on his health.

  1. Thank you, I think they moved it up to March 3rd along with the new line of Macbook Pro’s with the quad-core processors and faster memory. There is so much new things getting released. But I cannot wait to get my hands on one of those new iPad 2’s.

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