Steve Job’s Greatest Invention

Today I am going to talk about my favorite invention made by Steve Job’s and that is his famous headset. Now this isn’t no ordinary headset. This headset can perform multiple tasks.

Lets get started on talking about the design. It is white and is designed with a sweet plug that doesn’t clip on to anything. There is a volume/controls/mic box on the headset. It is very comfortable when wearing and can be fully functional on the Apple Computers/i-Devices. Calls are crystal clear and music plays great on them.

The controls… Guys this will blow you away. Its got 3 buttons and a mic built-in. The up button brings the volume up. The down button brings the volume down. The center button pauses and plays. Double up changes to the next song. Double down changes to the previous song. Center button also picks up call. There are several other button functions. Please review the resource link below for more information.

All in all I think this is like the greatest invention ever. I could talk for hours and not have to use a hand, I could lay on my bed and talk, snap I can go for a bike ride and talk. I can do anything with this simple sweet device.

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