Candybar and Docker: Complete customization of Mac OS X Dock and iCons?

Ever sine I have owned a Macbook I have been always finding ways to customize the way it looks and feels. I am really big into customizing things how I want them and what works for me the best. So like a year ago I found two programs called Candybar and Docker which are the two programs for me that allows me to customize the “look” of Mac OS X”.

Candybar lets you take any set of iCons or images to let you change the look and design of Mac OS X. A few places online lets you download image sets where you can replace the current images for iCons and dock images. Not only that I am a fan of Photoshop so I create some of my own personal images to load in Candybar. The dock images are really great. Doesn’t it ever get boring seeing the same image in the dock all the time? Well I customize my own images and change them. Especially for the Dock. It looks like a whole new system.

Docker allows you to change the locations and the way your Dock displays. Like whether it is 2D or 3D or if you want extra spaces or what not. You can also change to different sizes and how the applications open up and minimize. You can also choose to hide the menubar/dock or to not show them at all. A picture is displayed below on what Docker looks like.



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