DD-WRT on D-Link DIR-615 rev. E1

Some of you maybe familiar with the almighty amazing DD-WRT that I have been trying for years to try out on a router. Now DD-WRT will turn a basic router into an amazing hi-quality router with firewall and extra tools for routing. Pretty much turns it into a cisco device. Like you can amplify the power output settings on it so it can reach farther… now enough of that lol…

What I wanted to discuss is why is it everytime I try to buy something compatible with a 3rd Party software its always my luck that I fail… check this out…

I try to do an XBOX-360 mod on an XBOX-360 with a bad dvd rom drive. I goto ebay to find a replacement so i do that… two things the dvd-rom drive wasnt flashed with the correct firmware to play xbox dvds let alone crack it… so i look up on how to do it and it required a via sata controller or something in that nature, so that went all to waste… and samething goes for rockbox on my ipod and now my router… 🙁

I have an expensive router D-Link DIR-615 rev. E1 and DD-WRT isnt supported on it… its supported on all the other router revisions except this one… they are the same routers, lol, here check the screenshot from the website…

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  1. i understand that but first netgear… i havent really liked… i had bad experience… besides i had one of those and wireless g compared to wireless n makes wireless g look like its worthless, lol…. i really love wireless n

    1. There’s a couple N routers it works on. WRT-54Gs are Linksys 🙂

      Also, I’ve upped the power from the standard 70dB to 130dB and my AppleTV on the other side of 3 cement walls is lightning fast.

  2. I just flashed DD-WRT to my D-Link DIR-615 E1. Works Great! Very easy to do if you carefully follow the instructions….

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