It seems like Sony can’t “stop” hackers

I have been reading so much tech news lately it is getting crazy. I read about the PS3 and how Sony invades privacy. I read how Sony is trying to sue Geohot just for jailbreaking his PS3. According to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) I think it stated something about being able to jailbreak devices just as long as it does not violate certain terms. For example pirating and certain things like that. I agree with Geohot that he is in the right and Sony is in the wrong. I think it should be jailbroken also to allow more developers to be introduced to it. A different style of developers. Afterall Sony did take the right away from you to be able to use Linux on your PS3. They do certain things that break rules. Instead of fixing the issue they dicided to make an example of him.

Geohot has a blog posted on what is going on with this situation. I will post the link below under references. He is a really great person.

Just recently I read about a topic on PS3 on how to avoid updating your PS3 by spoofing the fw version to allow you to keep the jailbreak. Now I do not know how this would keep you from being banned from PSN seeing as Sony runs checks on all of your PS3’s. They are spy’s, they spy in on everything you do and everything that you have plugged in. If they see something suspicious they will warn you. If you do not abide by those rules you will get a permanant ban. Now what if you are a user that just has there device just jailbroken so you can use Linux on there PS3 again? Now people think about it. Sony would be like no it violates our policy.

So even though Sony is trying to go after hackers and there is a lawsuit going on with Sony right now and hackers are still continuing to hack the PS3. I think this is right. Hopefully Geohot wins this and shows Sony what they are doing wrong. Hopefully they come to realize and come to there senses.


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