Mac OS X Lion: Introducing IOS Features

I have been meaning to do a blog post on this topic for awhile but I have been waiting for some time now to gather up further word and updates.

If you have not known already there is a new Mac OS X coming out. Its called Lion and it is the 8th major release of the OS X. Now I read a bunch of articles about this and it blows my mind away. In the past I read something about it having IOS-like features and certain new features like the safari scroll bar only shows up when you need to scroll. Certain features like these are beneficial since they make less clutter on your desktop environment.

According to Redmond Pie this OS should be available sometime this summer. It is also going to have a launchpad similar to the springboard in the IOS we have on our portable devices. Full screen applications are also going to be supported along with Multi-Touch gestures. The Mac App store has so many available downloads bringing more and more cool things to your Mac. This is definitely something to look into buying when it comes out. There are also so many other things Apple will be releasing which will be discussed on later blog post entries. Stay tuned while I post some updates.


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