Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Discussion

I was reading an article on the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that is supposed to be coming out and this sparks an interest so I wanted to post something on this for a discussion to listen in on what people have to say about it.

Now I consider myself as a “somewhat” gamer. I love to game but I can never seem to find time in my really busy schedule. I did not play that many games as I was growing up so I never got time to really play the original MW (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare). Later on I bought a Sony PS3 when I gathered up enough money. Someone introduced me to MW2 and it seemed like an interesting game to play. So after playing the game after awhile I purchased the game for my PS3. This is by far one of my favorite FPS games. I absolutely loved this game and I still to this day love the game. I read about MW is still better than MW2 but MW2 is a newer game and a lot of people started to play it. Even after two years of the launch of MW2 it is still a really popular game. They eventually released World at War and to me this seems like it failed. It was not a good and amazing multiplayer game like MW2. I still prefer MW2 to this day. In 2010 they released a game called Black Ops. I heard a lot of good and bad reviews on this. Overall the rating was good and I would not know because I have not had a chance to play this game.

Now looking at MW3 I am pretty impressed on them coming out with a new release. I hope this game is better or at least equivalent to all of the games. Well at least I could be one of the first people to play the game and be first ranking for at least the first week or so. Next week Game Developer Conference will release more details on this game or if it is just a hoax to promote Battlefield.

So a few questions…

How do you feel about this topic?
If MW3 was coming out would you buy it or be interested in it?
Which COD game do you like the most?


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