IRC: The Power of Internet Relay Chat

Sorry ladies and gents for my lack of Blog posts but I have been pretty busy lately. I have decided to put aside sometime to post something I thing is very important. I am sure you guys will enjoy reading this post and find it beneficial.

Today I wanted to talk about the power of Internet Relay Chat and how it could benefit you.

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a magnificent “chat room” like messenger that was invented in the late 80’s. To this day it has been widely used for multiple purposes.

IRC in today’s society is known to be associated with geeks. While this is a valid statement it can also be used for other uses. Some company’s rely on IRC to pass information to a group of employees.

I was introduced to IRC and the greatness in it by a certain friend of mine. I at first did not understand what was all in it. After awhile of using it I have to say it is the best place to chat. There are all kinds of servers such as information channels, fun channels, gaming channels, etc. The list goes on and on. I find IRC more useful than Google itself. Google’s search engine can only get you so far. You then get to a point that you are completely stuck and Google is just not enough. You then realize it is time to go to a buddy of yours. He tells you the possible solution but that solution does not work. In the end he is stumped and he tells you to Google. This brings you right back from the beginning. So this is one instance where IRC comes in handy. Sign on and join your channel. Ask away and someone will help you. It is just like that you ask they assist and end up figuring out the answer in just minutes. Your not going to get just the answer. They will tell you away to fix it and if it works they will tell you this is how you do it the right way. Which in fact gives you the best service you will ever need. Another instance is you might be bored and just wanting to chat about whatever. Just join the channel and go type away. Be careful now banging your head on that keyboard wont help you type any faster it would just give you a headache.

I will tell you two outstanding examples of how I have found IRC the most beneficial choice. I have been wanting to learn iPhone Development for quite sometime. I Googled away and asked people but no one; not even Google itself could help me out. I went to IRC and they said they have it in iTunes U as a free college course. Not only did I get my answer and the link to it I also now know what iTunes U is. The second instance I had to use IRC for was trying to get my Cisco Router to work. I got my routing protocol working and my NAT (Network Address Translation – Converting a single public IP address to multiple private IP addresses) on my Router but they both would not work simultaneously. I have troubleshooted and everything but that still did not work. I have Googled it and no where could I get the answer except on IRC. I find out that I was just missing one command. One command I never even heard of and that was to redistribute the Routers routes to the switch.

In conclusion, I have found IRC as a must have as I also have it installed on my iPad 2. IRC is beneficial as it also alows me to chit chat and have fun talking to whomever.

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