My thoughts on “All Things Digital Conference”

Today I wanted to discuss my opinions and thoughts based on the “All Things Digital Conference” and how Linux and Apple changed my life. These are my thoughts and opinions on it so no offense to anyone that might be reading this.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself on the software side. Ever since I was 5 I used nothing but Microsoft products. I knew of nothing else. I grew up using windows 95 what I thought was an amazing OS. Still to this day I think windows 95 is cool. I learned and grew up the Microsoft way. I learned so much and got so good at using Microsoft that I knew I wasn’t going to leave. One day (I was 15 at this time) introduced me to linux. He gave me a copy of Knoppix (i believe it was version 4). He said “Take this and try it, you will love this” (not exact words). So I tried it out and I was like wow… it changed the way I used computers. And the real question was… So why am I using windows? I made the switch to Linux after I got all my cool stuff working in it. I then started to become anti-Microsoft. I enjoyed linux and how it operated. A few years later (yes I went back to Microsoft for a little bit). Introduced me to a Macbook. (I had nothing against Mac’s… only thing is I hated the 1-click mouse which made me decide Mac’s arent for me (although they have 2-buttons now)). I played with that Mac and I enjoyed it. I eventually made the switch.

Reasons why I switched to Mac (Apple products). It didn’t require me to use any effort, I could be the laziest person and still get everything done at an ease. I loved the layout, i loved the software, the feel, the gui, HOW IT WORKS OUT OF THE BOX!!!, how I cant find away to break it, its a product thats reliable and always there for me, wow what an amazing computer, it was so amazing and i knew it was for me. And to this day I will not leave Apple. Now enough of explaining about myself and my passion towards apple.

I decided to take the opportunity to watch copies of Steve Jobs keynotes as earliest as his first ones. There was one back in ’98 that I watched that kind of disturbed me but at the same time I was like good on you Steve Jobs. It was the one that he was pushing Microsoft products onto the Mac OS. I was in shock. But at the same time I laughed about the one product… he said we will be pushing Internet explorer to the mac… every single person booed and said no!!! internet explorer sucks. And Steve Jobs was like, now com’on we like Microsoft’s products, they make good products. This made me a little irritated, I was wondering why he was doing this and then he said something smart. Its something we have to do in order to bring the company back up on its feet (I thought about it and I had a grin on my face, I thought to myself, good job Steve)

Now about the “All Things Digital Conference” – A speech conference done in 2007 where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates tries to join together.

I was disturbed by this conference. Like its cool that they brought up issues in the past and how they had to manage them but it upset me when they were trying to make peace. They looked like a couple (no offense) trying to work things out… they both have there own thoughts on things and I felt that this conference was a fake. I thought I saw mini arguments they had that they hid to make it look like they were getting along to join as one company. I thought to myself no!!! this could not be happening. And I was like “No Steve Jobs you are making a bad mistake”.

I think Microsoft and Apple shouldn’t join and they should be against each other. I watched a really old keynote, like 80’s style. He discussed his new Apple II. He said something about how this Apple II will produce these images all from this disk. This was pretty funny. He talked all about it. And at the end of the speech he said the coolest thing ever. He talked about why you would want an Apple machine. It wasn’t necessary about it being the greatest gaming machine, but on how he always thought you had to be different. You had to think different. He used a few lines directly from his Think Different poem about the ones who think different are the ones who change the world. (more in depth than that) but I liked it.

Those are my thoughts and views toward all of this. If I have offended anyone I am sorry… But you were warned. Please feel free to drop some comments down on your views toward this

Michael J Brancato
Making the world a better place one step at a time.

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