EveryAir: More than just a iDevice remote for your PS3

I have been reading Redmond Pie a lot lately and I keep getting information on all the cool stuff that is out there. I was going to post this blog entry a few days ago but I just been busy.

Have you ever wanted to use your iDevice as a controller for your PS3? Well EveryAir is not only a controller but it displays the screen and you can use the motion sensor to move around. I think this is an amazing feature next to Kinect. Especially being able to play your PS3 using your iPad screen for the video and controlling it through your iPad is some pretty intense stuff. This is actually available in the app store. It is just like a VNC application and it also will soon have support for XBOX. Which I still do not see why people want to do Microsoft and Google-like things with there Apple devices. I guess it has its uses but I do not see why you still want to put Microsoft type things on an Apple device. You should just go out and buy a crappy Zune player. I think they play music and they might be able to use the Internet now. Or unless if Microsoft started following Apple for this to. Seems like they do that a lot.


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